Cisco Boost Program

Cisco Boost Program

This is a program by Cisco which helps Women to increase their knowledge in the field of Cyber Security. This is an initiative under Cisco Women Rock it program.

So, what is it?

Selected people will be able to attend the classroom trainings and offline self-paced learning/event which are spread around for 2 months. This program enables you to learn more about different security topics to become better in this field.

Myths of CyberSecurity

This field is not just about hacking but also there are areas like pentesting where you check the possible ways to hack into a organization or a computer etc.. (to check the level of security) but ethically with permission and also there is development area where you can improve the code written by others to make it secure and etc..

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This is global initiative by CISCO to empower women to improve in the IT field so that they don’t loose any best job in the future. They conduct a lot of events to encourage the participation of women. By attending these you can learn from the inspirational speakers and doing so you can also get a STEM Passport which is a way to join their loyalty program. More about the STEM Passport.


This is initiative for everyone to improve your skills in the field of IT. This program lets u learn about the different areas like:

You can enroll in the courses provided by them (netacad) and learn the concepts from the courses and develop your skills. This courses starts from the beginner level to the advanced level where you can choose complete online learning or a tutor based learning (only for some courses).

You can also learn more about the CISCO PACKET TRACER from this course and many more from the list.

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