Review of the book “the girl in room 105 – Chetan Bhagat”

Review of the book “the girl in room 105 – Chetan Bhagat”

The book starts with the introduction of the characters keshav rajpurohit, zaralone and saurabh who is the friend of keshav. As you can expect from the trailer keshav and zara falls in love and at some point of time they will breakup with each other and zara moves on. Meanwhile, keshav can’t do so and starts drinking alcohol every night with his best friend saurabh thinking of his love “zara lone”. On a birthday of zara, keshav tries hard to resist the feeling of calling her and wishing her and even not trying to text her. But instead, he receives messages from zara asking him to come to her room (which he had done many times in the past) and wish her.


So, keshav gets his bike and starts his bike with his friend saurabh. When they reach her room they found out she is dead and the story continues with keshav and saurabh trying to find the culprit behind the murder of “zara lone” while the police suspect “keshav and saurabh” on which they they get a clarity later and the main story goes around keshav and saurabh investigating the people whom they can think of can be the suspects.


Overall the book is definitely a thriller and the way it’s written is excellent. You can expect to read the book in 0-5 days as it is so tempting to read and complete.