Technical Skills
  • Proficient in: C/C++, Algorithmic Problem Solving (solved $465$+ problems on various online platforms)
  • Worked with: Python(intermediate), Git, MySQL, Linux, HTML, CSS, LATEX
  • National Institute of Technology Calicut — $2018$ - $2022$
    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Code For Good
    • Qualified for JPMC code for good hackathon.
Problem-solving Activities
  • Codeforces (akshith6212), Highest Rating: $1325$ — Pupil.
  • CodeChef (akshith6212), Highest Rating: $1754$ — Blue(3*) Coder.
Technical Projects
  • expos
    Developed an experimental OS having basic features from scratch. Implemented Functionality: Processes Scheduler in OS, Resource Allocator, Console Input/Output, Disk Interrupt Handler, Exception Handler, Fork, support 16 Processes and 32 Semaphores etc. Developed using xsm, spl and expl.
  • Website Updater Bot
    This is a bot which scrapes the vjudge contest ranklist and stores top 5 members from that contest. These members are pushed into the github pages where there is a leader board of previous top 5 members from the previous contests. Built with discord.py, BeautifulSoup4, requests-html.
  • Genskill Message
    A platform where the placement representatives can send the messages from the companies to the students. This is website is organized and it shows the list of companies and you can check the latest messages from a specific company by click that company page. Built with Django.
  • Detecting ships from SAR Data
    We here need to check the images from the SAR dataset ships from the SAR dataset and detect classify whether the images are containing a ship or not. This is based on the IEEE dataset.
Position of Responsibility
  • Web Admin, CP HUB NITC, we are a group of enthusiasts striving to improve in competitive programming..
  • Tutor, for basics of C++ course in the Skillcraft Academy.
  • Event Manager, Managed Robowars event which has participation around 15 teams.